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AAPCP introduces “The Behavioral Health Coach Program”.

As a Behavioral Health Care compliance Service, The American Academy of Primary Care Psychologists, focus on behavioral support, motivation and education of your patients. AAPCP is one of few companies delivering industry-leading cost savings by assuring reductions in inpatient admissions and ER utilization. Your primary care patients and the primary care providers are at the core of this focus, which is why our programs are rooted in partnership with the patient and primary care providers in creating strong supportive and collaborative practice assuring patient compliance through education, support and motivation by Behavioral health specialists.

Our case studies indicate quality care is more effective when we directly address the root causes and barriers to behavior change and provide interactions with the right timing and frequency to develop patient self advocacy and awareness. We have been in the telemedicine industry for 30 years with 10 developing Behavioral health protocols integrated in primary care directives yield the highest engagement, member satisfaction, and cost savings.

Our providers are all doctorate level providers specially trained in primary care concepts and the impact of chronic medical conditions on mental health and conversely, mental health conditions on the well being of the client. This converts clinical insights into person-centered care.


A. The Primary care provider provides patient our care card for scheduling.
A. PhD level provider is assigned to patient.
B. First appointment is conducted and treatment plan developed and sent to patient an PCP.
C. Front office staff benefits for the patient for wrap around services.
D. We adhere to principles of safety to self and others and make referrals and send real time notifications to PCP
E. We update our treatment plans based on PCP direction and patients needs.
F. We provide a myriad of data to your corporate headquarters which is customizable.

Our goal is to assure the PCP directives are being followed outside of membership routine visits that truly supports changes leading to happier and healthier patients.