Emotional Budgeting

The Emotional Budgeting program is designed as a tool to improve processing speed through learning applications that are based in rote or repetitive learning style in tandem with formatted categorizing information while balancing the data.

Rote methods are routinely used when fast memorization is required, such as learning one’s lines in a play or memorizing a telephone Rote learning is widely used in the mastery of foundational knowledge. Categorizing is a natural process of the brain.

We offer consultation with Dr. Paul when the publication Emotional Budgeting is purchased. If the youth version is purchased parents, or caregivers may consult with Dr Paul on a regular bases to assure the child’s success. While not therapy the process is treated with the same ethical considerations associated with HIPAA and standards in process. Weekly appointments can be made during and after the process.

Consultations are $75.00 per week per 30 min. Click here to schedule your appointment and purchase your book.

We offer Narrative building for adults and children to strengthen and improve self esteem and shore up tools to cope with environmental strains that may be present. The Narrative Building process should be used by those who have completed the Emotional Budgeting Program. Once emotions are itemized and categorized a personal narrative can be built to frame ones goals and relationships logically. Consultations are available during the narrative building to give guidance.

Educational narrative development workbooks are available to school districts as a stand alone process with Teleconference training by Dr. Paul Sambataro with educators and administrators. The narrative building tool should be provided to each child to bring the teacher a step closer to each student through understanding the child’s self identity. The teacher guides the narrative towards positive goal setting and self image. This strengthens the authority of the teacher through the guidance of self motivating tools for the children. Narrative building increases resiliency and reduces the peer to peer aggressions (bullying). Self advocacy is at the core of the development of the students narrative.

Please order the Narrative Workbooks and schedule a teleconference with Paul Sambataro to schedule an in-person training session or teleconference session.

Click Here to schedule a complimentary teleconference with Dr. Paul Sambataro to discuss inservice training for teachers and administrators. Workshop CEU’S available.