Behavioral Health Coach

The Behavioral Heath Coach program is designed to integrate with primary care practices. We offer trained providers in Behavioral Health Coaching trained in psychology and primary care concepts. Our providers are able to coach members through numerous chronic conditions such as: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, Diabetes, type I-II, Weight Management, Hypertension, medication compliance, Behavioral Health, disabilities, post-surgical follow up.

As a part of coaching resources we provide relevant workbooks such as “The Emotional Budgeting Workbook” tools improving processing speed for greater problem solving abilities, improving function outcomes with overall health benefits.

Our Doctorate level Behavioral Health Coaches offer person-centered care with compassion and empathy (“people person”).
1) Work with persons disabilities, and those with mental heath issues.
2) Work with diverse populations.
3) Work with individuals that have chronic conditions.
4) Comfort in leading one-on-one conversations.
5) Knowledge and experience in behavior change strategies.
6) Comfort in motivational interviewing.
7) Ability to identify risks and gaps in care.

The Behavioral Health Coaching process is treated with the same ethical considerations associated with HIPAA and standards in practice. Weekly appointments can be made Monday through Sunday.

Appointments for private and non-insured individuals are $50.00 per session of 50 min. Click here to schedule your appointment and receive your Emotional Budget workbook. Members of participating health care groups will receive password code for scheduling purposes.

Click Here to schedule a teleconference with Dr. Paul Sambataro in regards to partnerships for improved health care through integrated Behavioral Health Coaching.